We are a family of three from Los Angeles, California. I was born in Italy and my parents and all my family still live there. After many years of traveling to Italy to visit my family and renting a variety of villas, we decided to purchase our own home.

Since we live so far away, we started off determined to purchase a completed house that required little to no work. Ah, the best laid plans! The second we set foot on the land at Casa Francia we fell in love and we were doomed! The property, as near as we could tell, had been abandoned for somewhere on the order of 40-50 years. You can imagine the task we had set ourselves! If you visit us (and we hope you will) you will see pictures of where our journey began, all the way through what it is today.  It’s been a tremendous, if somewhat bumpy ride.

Our journey began in the summer of 2009 when we signed the initial contract to purchase Casa Francia; an old farmhouse built is 1885 that once formed part of a larger farming concern called Fattoria di Pozzo and housed the tenant farmers. The lower floor housed the animals and had a trough where the animals fed under what today is the beautiful arched living room. The Casetta used to be the barn and is now a lovely two bedroom guest house.

Building permits were received in early 2010 and the purchase closed in late 2010. Renovations began in April 2011 and after a few bumps in the road while having to amend permits, meeting additional seismic requirements that changed in the middle of the game and numerous encounters with Italian bureaucracy, we finally finished in the fall of 2012.  We think you will agree that it was worth the wait!

Wherever possible we used the original materials and tried to retain the charm of the property. Many of the tiles on the roof of the main house are original as are the walls. The back of the bench in the arch room is the plank we found on the front of the animal trough where the animals were once tethered. The brick arch is of course, original, as are a number of many little touches such as the stone corner in the master bedroom and the little shelves in the wall above the bed in the Red room.

To the left of the main house along the woods you will see an old cave. We believe this forms a part of a larger number of caves that run along this side of the property. We met a gentleman whose wife, as a young child, was a part of the last family to live in the property when it was still a farm. He told us that those caves were used as bomb shelters by many in the village during World War II.

All in all you will find a peaceful, relaxing home that represents the finest Tuscany has to offer. We hope you will decide to join us in our little bit of Tuscan heaven!

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